Advent ….Laugh

God has brought me laughter.

Gen 21:6

Do you laugh?

Ann says “ All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.

In this world we are scared, full of fear, driven to succeed, serious.

Does laughing make you feel silly?

Advent – the letting loose of the chains and exalting to Christ who has come

There was a time when before I knew Christ that when I saw how serious a Christian was about going to church and reading the bible that I wondered if they enjoyed life at all. I at the time was living the heathen life thinking I was on cloud nine full and fancy free. NOT SO! I thought of them as people who were pruned sucked and stuck without happiness at all. Shriveled up and stuck on rules. Funny how I understand now.

Joy, which was the small publicity of the pagan, is the gigantic secret of the Christian

G.K. Chesterton

Ann asks and will you join me in answering

When was the last time you laughed…really laughed?

What impossible thing are you longing for?

Like the angels, what can you take more lightly this Christmas?

Poem <— im not sure that these are poems , maybe more like a sometime cryptic poetical dialog …at times just blunt and open.

When she was small she was a blond wild haired girl full of go

She would jump into anything feet first

Everything she did was with everything she had

She is still that way…except she likes to change that hair

She plays hard, works hard and when she laughs


and whenever I am with her so do I

Her name is Joy and she is my sister

I admire this joy in her

It’s a gift from God to me

I am …a little like

the pruned sucked and stuck without happiness at all.

Shriveled up and stuck on rules

I am a serious minded person

and if I am not careful I can get too serious and suck the life out of myself

Learning to laugh, Learning to joy in life and those in it with me

Finding my silly bone has grown since joining the youth group and becoming the leader

this is a thing I hid and didn’t reveal outside my own home and close family

I still struggle – Lord teach me to laugh more

Laughing takes the worry out

washes it clean away

worry pulls the face to the ground

joy raises it to the heavens in thanks

Every year at this time the stress comes piling on

the low cash flow

the bills still the same and sometimes higher

the expectations to buy presents

last year I was so disgruntled that I chose to change

I did the 52 week challenge this year

and I am having a very peaceful time

No stress, no worries

just the expectation of getting to give!

I get to give this year full and free

and I am excited about it

now to take more lightly the stress of decorating

its so much work



2 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    :0) thank you Pam!! Blessings to you also!!


  2. Great post Starla! love this..”Advent – the letting loose of the chains and exalting to Christ who has come” Bless you! xo


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