Advent…..God Provides

Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide

Gen 22:14

Ann says the literal meaning of “to provide” is “ to SEE”

God will see to it that we are taken care of

God …. sees a need and acts in deed

God ….observes and serves

No wonder He says to care for each other

to FEED the hungry

to LOVE the unlovely

to HELP the needy

Ann says ‘ you don’t need to climb mountains named I WILL PERFORM. You don’t need to climb mountains named I will PRODUCE. Every mountains that every Christian ever faces, the Lord levels with sufficient grace : THE LORD WILL PROVIDE.

WOW… can we simply rest in that!

ADVENT – Eyes to see grace in action that has come to level every need with provision

PRO – expert  VISION – seeing

God the expert who sees just how to deal with everything

Can we have Faith that HE does?

Ann asks and will you join me in answering

When do you feel the pressure to perform, to produce?

Name the ways God has provided grace for the gaps in your life?

Take a moment to thank God for the ultimate gift of salvation?


The world barrels down on us

work harder, make more money

be more efficient, get more out of your day

so we push and push

raising blood pressure to pass the test and trial

The whole world is geared like that

how to get a cleaner home in 7 days

how to organize and thrive


How to be more

no….more is already provided

He is the more we seek

and when I seek Him – I find rest for my weary

He gives me grace for the gaps in my life

G – goals ….  I want to accomplish

A– activities … life can be so busy

P– people …. so many of them – difficult and wonderful all at the same time

S– self …. when I am tired and running empty

GAPS – God Always Provides Salvation  – in these trenches

He gives Himself

Thank you Lord for Jesus

the salvation of my soul

the One who I can cling to when the world has its hold

I can walk in kindness

I can walk in love

I can be a blessing

because of Your great SON – Christ the ONE who saved me

from myself and from this world

the ONE who provided for me

a way to live a new

no more in hurry and the worry

no more do I sink or swim

I simply call out JESUS

turn my eyes from my need

For God has provided me …..HIM!

and when I see Him

I notice how its been settled all along



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