Advent…the stairway of God

Surely the Lord is in this, and I wasn’t even aware of it.

Gen. 28:16

Stairways make legs tired after taking them for a long time

Stairways of doing good, serving long, measuring up, expectations

Jacob saw a stairway from earth to heaven in a dream

where the angels went up and down

This stairway was a picture and for long the picture humans saw was WORK

but the picture was a person who bridge the whole span of the universe

to get to you and me

I tell you the truth, you will all see heaven open and the angels of God going up and down on the Son of Man, the one who is the stairway between heaven and earth.

John 1:51

ADVENT – The coming One who made a stairway to heaven for me

Sunday….another candle lights


The only ladder over you is Love — and Love came down. – Ann Voskamp

Ann asks and will you join with me

When do you find yourself striving, reaching, grasping for the next rung to try to pull yourself closer to God?

How would your perspective on the dailyness of life change if you could see that here is holy?

Take a moment to thank Jesus for being your ladder to heaven and to God


Being one who follows time

Be on time

get it done on time

this is how much time I need

when the deadline is ringing in my ears

that is when I start running, striving, reaching

this is when what ever is in the way may get run over

sadly I have memories of little hands reaching

but I didn’t stop to lift them

instead my task list had to be done

that pull in me to get it done, to accomplish what I set out is strong

but I have found that this pushing

leaves a wake of regret , sadness and empty space in my heart

and missed moments with those I love

and missed moment with my King

I know when I slow …….see….Him….here

in the NOW

Holiness opens

a curtain that covered my eyes is lifted

and every moment glistens with grace

little faces that smile stop me still just to look long

birds in the air flying in sync cause me awe

mist on the water that is icing pulses a sense of wonder in my veins

the HOLY becomes visible when I slow….down….rest..STILL

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that stairway He became

to take me like an escalator up into the heavens

I don’t have to work my way up

I just have to be still and He takes me on from glory to glory

I have only to praise Him and thank Him

He Has Made The Way For US!



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