Where’s your trust?


It just does..

we live in a world that is bent of godlessness.

Pastor spoke about how:

Romans 8:28

God works together all things

for those who love Him.

Do you love Him?

He challenged us, saying God is Sovereign and what He will He will do. Do you trust that you are not going to die one day before God calls you home?

Do you trust Him?

Can you choose to live in Joy and Not Fear knowing that God has you? No Matter what you going through….??

Our Youth Pastor Marty @ SMAC -youth group asked a question from the book CRAZY LOVE :

Can you love a God who isn’t obligated to explain Himself to you??

Could it be your arrogance that causes you to think He should?



Conclusion….IF TRULY WE:

Love God

Trust Him

( humbleness) ————>  peace within

So the question is :


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. tcsoko says:

    That’s a tough question – can we love God without having him to explain and justify his every move to us? So much God asks of us boils down to ‘Trust Me’


  2. I absolutely need to read that Crazy Love book — I hear about it everywhere. And those are some tough questions, my friend. I need to think about answering them truthfully.


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