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God help me

I am coming back to writing. Here is a place my heart deeply longs to be. I find out where my heart is aching and where my passion is when I write. I have been pouring myself into youth group at my church. Building relationships with teens and engaging their hearts for Christ. I so… Continue reading God help me

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What’s Your Core Values?

My Pastor gave me an assignment, to write out my core values. It has taken me 3 1/2 weeks to do it. This has not been an easy task. Thinking about what are the powerful drivers that move me to action. To think about when they became important and how they work in my life.… Continue reading What’s Your Core Values?

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Surviving Truth

I awoke out of a dead sleep. I tried to turn over and I heard the voice of a male say in a deep hush “don’t move.” I thought to myself am I dreaming and I tried to move again.  He spoke sharply “I said! don’t move!” but this time he pressed something like a… Continue reading Surviving Truth

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World out of whack

I am really not that hard to please, child. -God - Let’s Talk -Cynthia Bezek I was reading this post and these words…… These words touch me deep How often do I take moments, just ordinary daily moments and churn them into nothing good because I choose to be hard to please? And going deeper….… Continue reading World out of whack

Fear, Healing, My thoughts


  He said “DO YOU TRUST ME?” and with that He walked me on a journey eye opening holding His hand realizing that I have shaken in fear for far too long I was visiting my grandma of course sweet grandma keeps a copy out where all can see it I had written this book… Continue reading AFRIAD BUT I WILL OVERCOME IN CHRIST