God help me


I am coming back to writing.

Here is a place my heart deeply longs to be.

I find out where my heart is aching and where my passion is when I write.

I have been pouring myself into youth group at my church.

Building relationships with teens and engaging their hearts for Christ.

I so often feel I am not cut out for this and yet this is where God has me.

And so I keep walking.

Its not that kind of not cut out …like woe is me, how can God use me….

but more like GOD HELP ME! I need you and your ways, your words, your love.,.

kind of not cut out for this….I don’t have what it takes ..but HE does!! Thank Goodness.

Working with these teens and a wonderful team of people has created a situation where I have had to dig deeper, love more, grow and hold on to God.

I love it!! and yet it also terrifies me.

I am pulled out of my comfort zone on a weekly basis, required to reveal more of who I am without hiding behind my door and screen comfort of home.

But every time God is right there.

I see it and feel it in the relationships being built and the trust between one another.

Romans 12:10 Be kindly affectionate to one another in brotherly love with honor giving preference to one another….

I feel like we are walking this out!! I love seeing Gods word come alive in our midst.

I hope to be writing more often then I have been.

I certainly feel a lot better when I do.


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