excited for her

Recently my sister blessed my daughter with the opportunity to go into a recording studio. It really was something amazing. My daughter was just getting over a little cold. So she was not totally ready for that but she gave it all she had.

Link here to listen https://soundcloud.com/sarah_rosaline16

2014-07-23 16.09.332014-07-23 18.41.322014-07-23 19.08.23

But the awesome part didn’t come until after this studio time

She gained an amount of passion for writing songs that has become tangible in the house.

She is interested in sharing her faith through song and I am excited about it.

She has grown so much over the last few years in singing, piano playing, ukulele and guitar.

In the weeks that have followed she has written more songs

I cant wait to get her back in the studio!!

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