He said “DO YOU TRUST ME?”

and with that He walked me on a journey

eye opening

holding His hand

realizing that I have shaken in fear

for far too long

I was visiting my grandma

of course sweet grandma

keeps a copy out where all can see it

I had written this book back in 2009

I picked it up and read through

seeing my old journal entry’s

and hearing my fearful cries

and knowing that I still struggle here

the most interesting moment for me

is realizing that I didn’t get down on myself

I didn’t see myself a loser

a less than

I didn’t see that I don’t measure up

What I saw was ….

This has always been my struggle

He created me to overcome

we all struggle with something

and this Fear to be who I am is mine

I have pages and pages of blog posts

I have pages and pages in journals

I have many many more written in my heart

on the topic  called F -E-A-R

This blog is my story of overcoming

the daily struggle to be me in a world

that screams that I should just hide


Yes Lord I do!

I’m singing a special at Church for Easter


I have sang this song so many times

but at our last practice

IT HIT ME….. the words

I trust in you

I trust in you

Healer – Kari Jobe

God is walking me through

and the words – I trust you

are everywhere

Then I’m driving home after practice

and I am telling my daughter about

the moment when I realize what I am singing

and just before I say the words

a song on the radio ….I hear

I will trust in you

Just as I’m about to say


then it continues …..

Whatever will come my way
Through fire or pouring rain
We won’t be shaken
No we won’t be shaken
Whatever tomorrow brings
Together we’ll rise and sing
That we won’t be shaken

We wont be shaken – Building 429

He is telling me what to say to myself

Psalm 56:3   
When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

I may struggle with this thing for all my days

but if It pulls me each time closer and closer to the Lord

then I will wear the words


just like He wears my name like a banner on His arm



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Stars Rain

7 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Thank you Mary!! I want to live fearless


  2. Hi Starla! This is a beautiful post. My One Word for the year is Fearless. I have a few fears that have snagged me for years and the Lord’s been faithful to continually whisper into my ear… “When you are afraid, put your trust in Me.” Thanks for sharing this very encouraging word today!
    And thanks for visiting my place today!
    Blessings to you ~ Mary


  3. starla says:

    @ Jen Thank you!! I love that statement ..fearless-faithful-regardless of cost!! I so connect with that! Thank you friend for stoppin by!


  4. Starla –
    This is absolutely beautiful!! I have heard the Father whisper the same…”Will you trust me?” & it pierces to the depth of my heart with pain, because He shows me all the ways that I hadn’t been.
    Oh that we might be fearless ones, faithful ones, stepping forward regardless of the cost. I so connect with your heart in these words, friend.
    Thank you for sharing them & for linking on UNITE today! ~ Jen


  5. starla says:

    Good Morning Susan ! thank you for stopping! ;0) He is most definitely ENOUGH!!


  6. Good Morning, Starla-
    I haven’t stopped by for awhile, but I am glad I did today. We all have something that we struggle with, so I thank you for reminding me to trust HIM with my own challenges. He is ENOUGH-always!


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