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Prince of Peace…. making equals ending hostility not just between people if we believe and allow but also with ourselves Peace on the inside of us between soul and spirit Walk with the King and share in His gift of everlasting peace AMEN STARLA I WILL BE CHECKING OUT THE OTHER  WFW’s …I am going…

Where’s your trust?

BAD STUFF HAPPENS! It just does.. we live in a world that is bent of godlessness. Pastor spoke about how: Romans 8:28 God works together all things for those who love Him. Do you love Him? He challenged us, saying God is Sovereign and what He will He will do. Do you trust that you…

Take that Land

Deuteronomy 2:26-31 I sent messengers from the desert of Kedemoth to Sihon king of Heshbon. They offered him peace, saying, “If you let us pass through your country, we will stay on the road and not turn right or left. We will pay you in silver for any food we eat or water we drink….


Does your heart long for reassurance? Where you know ( although you fear) that you are being held up by another. Ever let yourself down? The sorrow and sadness, guilt and berating we take from the inside……(should we really just take it because we think its US, in whom we trust, who is speaking?) Where…

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( double click to see it better if you need to) What’s blowing in the wind ?? The Lord is always blowing fresh wind into our sails…. ARE WE SEEING IT!!! Starla ( wow 40 exciting :0)


Being bogged down by communication issues, using critical thinking (not necessarily negative just being decisive and using judgement to aim for a good outcome through seeing clearly and realistically.) and dealing with emotional upheaval makes for difficult terrain to trudge through. It is hard to slow down long enough to make way for clear hearing….