Being bogged down by communication issues, using critical thinking (not necessarily negative just being decisive and using judgement to aim for a good outcome through seeing clearly and realistically.) and dealing with emotional upheaval makes for difficult terrain to trudge through.

It is hard to slow down long enough to make way for clear hearing.

It is not easy looking at how you contribute when you are emotionally affected by anothers actions.

It is not the best feeling looking at what is. Sometimes the picture ain’t so pretty.


Sometimes talking just doesn’t help. Sometimes action is all that will communicate clearly.

Talking will come but its not everything.

Until you and that other person can come to the table and state clearly what is going on and level with eachother…it is all just a war game.

Until you and that other person take the time to look within at what is happening in the heart not just what the other person is doing that has you so upset…it is all just a who’s got the bigger gun (I’M RIGHT!) game.

Balancing TRUTH and GRACE can be a tricky thing.

Truth when hardened is A TASK MASTER. Grace when mushy is a OH THAT’s JUST THEM LET IT SLIDE GUIDE. Either one out of balance reaches a non-effective position. No one is happy with just one and not the other. You are just settling for less then the best when God has a solution.

But Truth when standing firm while holding hands with Grace’s out stretched arms = reconciliation.

reconciliation: the process of making things compatible.

When two are warring within themselves…warring eachother…it is just WAR!

But when you cease from fighting and seek reconciliation it becomes peaceful.

You and the other can become compatible.

First peaceful within…when you look to see what you do…what you really want…what is right.

Then peace with another…when you share your faults with one another share what you want from the other person….and you do what is right and loving. Giving and receiving.

TRUTH AND GRACE. ( Building the bridge) forgiveness and harmony can be restored.

Remembering that today is good….and tomorrow may bring a struggle and you may have to face it…again in TRUTH and GRACE.

It’s all a process.

Does anything completely change overnight??

4 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    YES ..HE DOES. Yeilding and waiting for His timing is the right thing..but MAN IS IT HARD to deal with when you are emotionally and communicatively impatient as I am!! lol


  2. Shelly says:

    I can understand now your comment on my blog! 🙂 God knows what we need before we do.



  3. starla says:

    Thanks :0)


  4. I have no words. I just need to re-read it a few more times. I like this post a lot.


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