Learning to let go…

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We often feel that to not be in control of our lives that life takes on a wild out of control feel…

Let us learn to let go….

Living in such a way that we are so dependant on God that the Wildness of His leading is but a knowing that we have just learned to mount the wind like we were riding a Wild Stallion.

Let Him teach you how to hold on to TRUST

so that you can BE FREE, and WILD and full of JOY.

Just like watching a child running like a wild animal through the yard, full of laughter and excitement.

Let’s Ride the WIND and SOAR!

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  1. Thank you. He has been teaching me to LET GO….
    We are so dependent on our ablity to TRUST HIM!
    I make it so conplicated with all the ME ME ME and I I I’s that I leave out the Be still and Know that He is GOD!


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