Where’s your wrapper??


What are you holding on to??

Validation……….just a little sense that you are right!! I know I need that. This need can quickly turn into a want really fast. Screaming out from behind a miscommunication can come a roar of JUST HEAR ME …Will ya??  Suddenly finding yourself in a full on fight with your friend, husband, children…everyone. WHEN WILL THEY SEE WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT???

Acceptance…..a feeling that comes from deep within that you are ok with another. I know I need that to. There are times that acceptance turns into people pleasing manipulation for kind words about yourself. Ever been there?? That little girl with crying out: LOVE ME…will someone please just Love me for ME!!!

These two things are balloons tied to SELF -WORTH. Self worth is the wrapper on the ballon weight, and in that wrapper is THE ROCK. Jesus is to be our self worth. He is the one who validates – He died for you and Accepts you – you are His.

When we wrap our self worth on anything else we are sorely disappointed. Sometimes we do not even realizing it. The evidence….NO PEACE and war has broke out everywhere. With people and within ourselves.

Inside our emotions are going crazy. We are shouting and crying for fullfillment. We are desperate for JOY.

Its time to let go….

all we need is in Him ….and when we ask ourselves questions to get to the bottom of what is going on within and in our relationships with others…we will find answers and often the answer is we have wrapped ourselves around something other than THE ROCK!!

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  1. Immaterial world is where we live it is what it is and so goes life….enjoying the journey & having an everlasting impact for Christ, amen! God Bless!


  2. You are so right about Christ being the source of our self-worth. How many stories are there of celebrities getting worldly gain and feeling totally unfulfilled. They don’t become superhuman, they keep getting older, eventually no one is interested in them anymore, they get replaced by the young new celebrities. We all need to learn the deep spiritual lesson that our souls are valuable to God, it’s not the circumstances of this world that make us important or worthy of respect. It’s being made in the image of God.

    I think secular culture drives us to seek self-worth in this material world, and in the interest of Christian culture I really must recommend this novel:


    We need Christian culture. We’ve got to stop pumping money into secular movies and books; they are brainwashing the nation away from Christ through entertainment, and many Christians are funding the secular/Satanic effort.

    Not only is this exciting story written by a Christian, its message upholds the authority of Scripture with spiritual and intellectual strength. I think any Christian would love reading this, please prayerfully consider purchasing and sharing the novel. I’m promoting it (and I recommend that you do the same) because it’s a wonderful open door for sharing Christ. Everyone enjoys a good novel, though they may not wish to hear us preach. Offering a friend this mystery novel is an intelligent way to cast an “invisible net” for “fishers of men.”

    The website selling this novel also has many helpful articles and videos to strengthen your faith and share with others.

    Take care.


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