Fantasy Land

Vision without action is a daydream – Unknown

Vision – action = La La Land….

I see myself acting out truth in my mind…I envision myself speaking the truth in love. I see within my heart being calm and bold…but if I do not act it is but a daydream…

It’s fantasy!!

Dont get me wrong…envisioning is good if you are preparing to ACT..seeing yourself succeed is healthy….SEE IT then DO IT!

Fantasy is not real….I can feel that I am doing really well in this place..but if I never ACT I am not going anywhere I just think I am.

In this place we can begin to think we are better than we are.

Thinking that we have dealt with issues when we haven’t.

 I think we spend  time in this place of fantasy especially when we have to tell people hard things. When we have to become vulnerable and be honest with our feelings. We will go hide in the fantasy land (which isn’t always best if it all just stays there in that world.) 

Sometimes we have conversations in our minds with people – pre thinking what we are going to say and trying to figure out the whole conversation before we have it. If we can not get a favorable outcome in our minds in the fantasy– we might decide not to have a crucial conversation.

Truth is always the best answer….TRUTH will make a way for itself.

We might have to endure others behavior of guilt tripping, blaming, lying, manipulating….we may have to be uncomfortablethats the key isnt it…we say NOTHING and just bear with it because somewhere we believe that to be uncomfortable is unbearable. Are you lying to yourself??…calling right wrong and wrong right.

Bearing with LYING, BLAMING, GUILT and MANIPULATION while saying nothing to address these issues is Living in perpetual Uncomfortableness. When did we start to believe it was otherwise??…when did we decide that to say something about these behaviors being unacceptable was more uncomfortable than speaking the truth.

I think we got some wires crossed!! I did..I do..I’m dealing with it!

Live reality!

In the end TRUTH will set you FREE…

Free to be who you are…

Free to be open and honest…

Free to LOVE rightly….

(PSLOVE is not glossing over the issues….Love is not taking the blame or giving in to manipulators (we all do this at one time or another)….love is being TRUTHFUL and SPEAKING TRUTH when it matters….)

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  1. I have that quote written down: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

    There is no point having a vision without putting action behind it.


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