Let it flow

On my heart…

God gave us people to help us bare the load of this world through laughter and joy, through kindness and giving, through expressions of love and serving each other. 

When acted on….simply beautiful!

Sadly we hold back.

Sometimes the thought of not wanting to overstep in a situation.. causes us to stop.

So lets unpack that!

To be nosey is to overstep

To push your own agenda in the life of another is to overstep

To give is to love.

To help is to love.

To express feeling in regard for  another, for their life and situation is to love.

When people go through hard times…



death of a loved one

We ..humanly fear these things…

Perhaps this fear corks the out flow of love that is within us.

People say “ I don’t like it when people overstep their boundaries” ….but we cant let the statement stop the flow of love.

Yes …..ponder if your doing is for the benefit or just you pushing your own way.

Yes…consider if what you are about to do or say is appropriate or are you speaking without thought.

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

The enemy loves to use those vulnerable life moments in our or others lives to spread division, pain and discord.

So yes…consider but whatever you do don’t let a thought stop you from spreading LOVE! The enemy greatest weapon is is the fear a little growl can muster!

PS– I usually have time to come a leave comments on all my bloggy friends wonderful blogs. You all inspire me. Please forgive me. I have been using my hands in service to my friend who had double mastectomy on Thurs. I will be back.. I do get your blogs on my phone. So please know..I am reading! Winking smile


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