Sunday2Monday: Leaving an Eternal Legacy

This past weekend was full of life, joy, death, and hope. Saturday started off as any other Saturday with a major event at Springs of Life church. Our women's divisional luncheon called Legacy of Faith was finally here. The room was abuzz with excitement. The setting was beautifully laced with royal blues and golds. Debbie... Continue Reading →


Live Ready…. Can I walk through the fire with my shattered and shard heart unchanged? Can I walk among the saints of God and feel the heat they glow, that God fire within and be unmoved? Can I do this and not be transformed? The answer is NO! If no change, then no fire has... Continue Reading →

blessings and departure

Sometimes life just really throws curve balls… I have been numbering blessings with Ann #1 A family quilt on the Chiver's side, Grammy made pillows out of it and gave them out. A piece of family history a reminder of where in California I am from.#2 A little elephant reminder that Tina bought for me... Continue Reading →

Let it flow

On my heart… God gave us people to help us bare the load of this world through laughter and joy, through kindness and giving, through expressions of love and serving each other.  When acted on….simply beautiful! Sadly we hold back. Sometimes the thought of not wanting to overstep in a situation.. causes us to stop.... Continue Reading →

See His Love

  1 John 4:19  We love because he first loved us. My thoughts today have turned a bit sober. Why is it that bad things happen?? Disasters, Sickness, Death, Hatred… Somehow it is all so removed from us until it comes knocking. Pounding in memories Flooding houses A friends call of not so good news... Continue Reading →

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