Compromise : agree by conceding

Some say NEVER COMPROMISE …and while that makes perfect sense when dealing with matters of moral integrity. When it comes to relationships that just doesn’t work.

It is the times when we are being hard-hearted that we refuse to forgive those around us. We wont risk being vulnerable for fear of the other person having some imaginary upper hand. It is at these times that we are most likely to be UNCOMPROMISING. Preferring to stand our ground at any cost, even if the cost gives us the end our friendships and relationships.

This is not the way to be. Friendships and relationships are the best part of life. They bring us the joys and the growth we need through them. When we refuse to compromise, we are basically saying we refuse to grow. Yes, yes I can hear you all now saying..well so and so and this and that. Ok ….no compromise for abuse. Abuse is no way to treat people. Don’t put up with it. You teach people how to treat you. There is that better???…I think so!! (I was kinda yelling at myself about that one!!) :0)

Anyway to the point: If you can forgive each other, be vulnerable enough to be honest with others, then you can find compromise in your relationships.

That’s it! No backing out! You either forgive, be vulnerable and compromise to better your relationships or you lose them. YOUR CHOICE!

Oh and remember it goes both ways…you can stand on your side of the bridge and extend your hand – they have to choose to take it!! So don’t go building a relationship bridge alone…that just leads to control.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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