5 things – introverted

1. Listening: I want to be able hear another person clearly, so that I am sure I have heard it the way they are meaning and not the way I think I am hearing it. I have auto reactions in my mind when I hear something that is surprising to me or that I don’t... Continue Reading →

Soft Spot

And she’s baring her throbbing mother soft spot to us around the table and I want to reach out and touch her there. I want her to feel someone touch the tender, broken place of her, to witness it and not turn away. Just lay my hand on the fontanels of her bared mama heart... Continue Reading →

A little more Nitty Gritty.

Ok so I am at it again… some more NITTY GRITTY!! This whole post is making me uneasy. I wrote it and now I am adding this…. Learning to share my own lessons and struggles, hurts, and anger ….my humanness …my vulnerability. Opening up my thinking and feeling and heart here. So with that said... Continue Reading →

On your bed…

Psalm 4: 5-6 Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still. Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord. Reading my devotional today. This passage struck me as important. In the devotional it points out that the word BED is key in this passage. I usually focus on the... Continue Reading →

At a Loss of Connection with ME

Ever learn something new or remember something about yourself and wonder "how did I not see that about myself?" Over the last year or so I have come to see some truths about myself. Not that it is so terrible or anything....it is however different. I feel weird when I learn something about me and... Continue Reading →

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