Photoquote #3


 This picture is of Grammy, my Mother, who is on the horse and my Aunt Janice. This was always one family that seemed to promote being yourself…get creative…be wild…try something new!!

Grammy and Poppy ..artists…creator…sculptor…wood carver….workers of the trade at hand.

“NEVER BE AFRAID TO TRY!!” If I can start painting at 67 then you better not tell me what you can’t do!!”  Grammy would say.

 Poppy passed away but he lives on through his art – in our homes. Wonderful pieces of creation from a soft-spoken man with vice grip hands. I thought about Him one day pondering what it was that he had taught me…I found that I understood that he just gave us the feeling we were fine the way we were and that it is a wonderful thing to be weird!!

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  1. Bettysue Laurin says:

    Starla, I have such fond memories of your Mom & Dad and all the works of art at their house. They welcomed me and gave me a second home and showed me what a “family” should be like. I will never forget how they touched my life. I am thankful that your Mom has found me after all these years and that I have become a part of the family again. You are such a special person, Starla. Mr. Graber is smiling!


  2. Kelly Byrn says:

    very “touching” lol… sorry bad pun

    I really like that one!! I love black and white photos!!


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