My Poetry

In His Light

In His Light - a Poem While we lay in the hands of the Father and KNOW that His love for us is TRUE We can be assured that He has us in safe keeping and we are free to walk out Christ... OUT from within And so with covered eyes and careful steps we… Continue reading In His Light

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Walk it out

Yesterday my daughter was feeling upset. I called to her and asked what she was doing. She said "I am Painting my Feelings Out!" So with that in my medium of Poetry I am going to Write my feelings out... Walk it out - a poem Feeling encapsulated like the walls are drawing in the… Continue reading Walk it out

My Poetry

He is come!!

He is come - A poem An unusual love comes when we answer the call of the Spirit who comes up out from within. An unusual heart is beating inside filled with God's love to those that are out there. An unusual mind filled with His ways applying the wisdom of God's holy place and all… Continue reading He is come!!

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Personal Significance

Cause and affect what is around you Be of some consequence Be not ill affected Rise on the inside Stand out bright like that Light within let that shine through don't put up those walls suspend all judgment to see what really is evaluate what is true and walk in love let go and let… Continue reading Personal Significance