Photoquote #2

Aged Floor

When we bought our home we fell in love with the old original hardwood western pine floors. In 2008 we had a flood and had to take up those hardwood floors. Thanks to my husband – he thought to dig out the plaster between the wall and the wood floors and let them settle…because of that smart move our floors did not do what many of our neighbors floors did – BUCKLE! We got to save those floors and my husband re-laid them. This picture is of our hardwood floors, scratches and all from family and friends and our dog. It’s all just character, our life added to the wood of this house. My grammy always said “If you have an imperfection, WORK WITH IT!”

As wood ages, it just gets better looking and a little more worn just like those wrinkles that are inevitable to show upon our faces, let us be sure that each line that shows upon our face is a badge of wisdom, honor and grace!

Oh ..and gray hairs too but I am reminded we can do something about that!!!:0) Hair dye!



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