Friday Facts

Friday’s FACTS

05/13/2011 Ok I’m back… took a couple weeks off from Fridays Facts. Here we go… 1. I tried something new for me. I thought I was writing in story form …but now when I look back and read I think I am still writing the same style. just more wordy…lol-- But I like what I… Continue reading Friday’s FACTS

My Photography, Photoquote

PhotoQuote #40

( double click to see it better if you need to) What's blowing in the wind ?? The Lord is always blowing fresh wind into our sails.... ARE WE SEEING IT!!! Starla ( wow 40 exciting :0)

My Photography, Snapshot Saturday

Snapshot Saturday

Saturday is here again and its time to share some snappy snaps :0) These are from our walk the other day through my neighborhood... Thanks for stoppin by...if you like to take pics join Vicki over at TIN BUCKET PHOTOGRAPHY and become a Snappy Snapshoter!! Starla