Friday’s FACTS

Copy of NEWPICS 362-5


Ok I’m back… took a couple weeks off from Fridays Facts.

Here we go…

1. I tried something new for me.

I thought I was writing in story form …but now when I look back and read I think I am still writing the same style. just more wordy…lol– But I like what I wrote :0) The post was called WRITE OUT OF THE BOX but the “story” was called THE WOUNDS RAN DEEP. Did you read it?? No one posted. No feedback for me. So could you check it out. Tell me if you think I did a little different style. :0P


2. Ok one more shameless plug ..hehe!!

Did you read the post about my DREAM that I had. I couldn’t tell you how often I have referenced that dream over the last week when in different situations, it is starting to make me wonder if I ever listen to those RED FLAGS…I am NOW!!!


3. Took a few walks and this is what we saw:

IMG_2918 IMG_2896 IMG_2911 IMG_2929 IMG_2926 IMG_2928 IMG_2923 IMG_2922 IMG_2921

David called these: CHICKEN PRINCESS’s…LOL

4. I have been wondering what would happen if….

the people of God started to pray for OIL PRICES to drop :0) – Let’s try it!!

5. My husband is an amazing cook.

He is laid of the winter and I get all kinds of YUMMY love out of the oven. Now that he is back to work…(I have been holding off as long as possible.) This week I started cooking again. :0(  I am doing good though. PLANNING a MENU helps.

6. A song for you : Mandisa – Not Guilty

(sometimes the videos don’t work for whatever reason so I added this link. This is such a great song. )


If you don’t have it in you to take it to their face,

then stop talking into ears that itch

and get on your knees.


8. A photoquote by


( isn’t that just cute!!)

9. Been pulling dandelions…

They are taking over the neighborhood since the flood washing a million seeds across the city.

Reminds me of the parable of the wheat and the tares.

When the flood came it created much devastation but God blessed and neighborhoods have been given a face lift. Homes look good. But the enemy came and sowed the tare : DANDELIONS !!  And they are coming up everywhere!!

So I’m plucking them on my little corner of heaven on earth. :0) ( good for quiet time )

10. This coming Sunday is DEDICATION SUNDAY at our Church.

We are dedicating the new building (after the flood)  and we are celebrating 80 years of service as a congregation.

That is just so exciting!!!

I remember when the flood came a women pastor was on the news and she said these words:



As I have been in thought about the goodness of God and all He has done since the flood, I found my mind returning to that statement. God is so Faithful. NOW is the future and HE IS HERE!!!



Starla Smith

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