Pushing Back The Darkness

While visiting at a friends church the Pastor said “ YOU NEED TO PUSH THE DARKNESS BACK!” Darkness lives in us …in those unrepentant and even those unhealed places in our hearts and lives.  Jesus is the light and we need to submit to Him. While the Pastor was talking about how we allow Darkness... Continue Reading →

Friday’s FACTS

05/13/2011 Ok I’m back… took a couple weeks off from Fridays Facts. Here we go… 1. I tried something new for me. I thought I was writing in story form …but now when I look back and read I think I am still writing the same style. just more wordy…lol-- But I like what I... Continue Reading →

The things we do…

Reading: Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright  Her site and to buy this book : http://deepeningfriendship.loyolapress.com/ Hello I am Back...doing my Thursday Thoughts....I find it really interesting that the chapter I am choosing to do is RIGHT WHERE I AM!! I havent read ahead in this book I am just going along...I took a... Continue Reading →


It may be a little much but I want to hit home the severity of it because I keep hearing about it, learning about it, the connections just keep coming to keep it fresh in mind. So here we go... 2 Timothy 3:3 [They will be] without natural [human] affection (callous and inhuman), relentless (admitting... Continue Reading →

Three Sisters

I am still reading in the book Speaking from the Heart. Here are some thoughts from reading this weekend..... Who is this who seems so interested in everyone's everything, who knows all the juicy details to all the lives around them. Giving and spreading bits and pieces of taste morsels here and there and everywhere. Spreading tales of every... Continue Reading →

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