Pushing Back The Darkness

While visiting at a friends church the Pastor said


Darkness lives in us …in those unrepentant and even those unhealed places in our hearts and lives.  Jesus is the light and we need to submit to Him.

While the Pastor was talking about how we allow Darkness to come into our lives through the gate called OUR MOUTH’s I heard the Lord speak to me….

If you are talking about someone then you ought to do something about it….

I wasn’t quite sure what that meant until the next day.

At my home church our Pastor was preaching … and he said

( paraphrased and filtered through my thoughts)

“ One time I had a neighbor kid that drove me crazy, but you know what I did? Instead of continuing to talk about him to my wife, I went and got the kind of soda he liked and I went over and made a friend out of Him. That is LOVE! Not Gossip and doing nothing !”

I got a revelation!!

If you are talking about someone … then you ought to DO SOMETHING about it… We need to push the darkness back by overcoming evil ( gossip) with GOOD!! AMEN!!

There really is only two options…

we are talking good and we are to GIVE THANKS or

we are talking and its not good and we need to go do something about it in love.


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  2. starla says:

    Thank you Pam!! I am glad you were blessed! :0) xo to you also


  3. Pam says:

    Hi Starla,
    LOVE this post!!! This speaks volumes to me right now!!
    much love to you sweet friend


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