The “Seems Like” Life – Why is Dangerous, How to Overcome, and what you will gain.

Proverbs 10:25 There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end is the way of death. For most of us, we would not choose the wrong way because we know it's the wrong way. Yet, we often choose the way that "seems right" because it feels right. This "seems like"... Continue Reading →

Pushing Back The Darkness

While visiting at a friends church the Pastor said “ YOU NEED TO PUSH THE DARKNESS BACK!” Darkness lives in us …in those unrepentant and even those unhealed places in our hearts and lives.  Jesus is the light and we need to submit to Him. While the Pastor was talking about how we allow Darkness... Continue Reading →

PhotoQuote #93

Everyday we spread seed…. called WORDS! LORD FILL MY MOUTH WITH WORTHWHILE STUFF AND NUDGE ME WHEN I’VE SAID ENOUGH ( that is on a little sign I bought as a thrift store 13 years ago…sits in my bathroom to remind all of us at my house) Linking with: STARLA

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