Advent …the gift of the storm

Go…and deliver the message I have given you.

Jonah 3:2


no one really likes storms

unless you were taught as a kid that you can dance in the rain

that you can put on your swim suit and play with soap

that rain washes and cleanses

most I think find it an inconvenience because it keeps them in

they learned it to be a necessary evil

Storms are more beneficial than we think

so it is with spiritual storms

we either learn to run into the storm and let is wash away what must go

or we learn to run and hide inside and try to protect and defend

God knows what is needed …the question is do we trust that?

ADVENT ….comes to shake us awake and anew but may feel like a storm

Ann asks and will you join in answering

When have you found yourself running from God? How did He draw you back to Himself?

In what ways have you seen God calm the storms in your life?

Than God that He invited you to turn around, to be resurrected.


I run when I am uncomfortable

I hide when I feel attacked by this life

when I don’t want to face something unpleasant

I tuck myself away

but the more I retreat the more He presses in on me

and I feel the heaviness

I mistake it for guiltiness or wrongness

broken wounded rejection

but when I finally turn my face toward Him

and say God help me I don’t know what to do

I find that this heaviness that I feared was pain

was Him hugging me close

His pressing into me

I can feel myself relax and rest in His arms of love

and I repent for running in the first place

Then suddenly the storm that was raging all around

calms as my soul remembers

that He has me and is in full control

I do not have to fear

I can trust and obey

and I am free

Thank you for chasing me with the storm of yourself

to wash me clean and make me new



Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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