Advent…Lifting up the little and small

You, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, are only a small village.

Micah 5:2

ADVENT – The source of peace has come

Advent the reminding that greatness came to this smallness me

to live and breath and bless.

to lift the small and weak to sit with Him in His throne

what privilege …what love

Ann asks and will you join in answering

When have you felt like Bethlehem…poor, small, forgotten?

What worries to you need to surrender to God, knowing He is firmly on His throne?

Take a moment to thank God for the eucatastophe of Christmas – for conquering evil with righteousness



my heart and yours

where a stable is the home of the heart

where the King came to be born

a small and poor forgotten place

like me before He came

and at times when I am not keeping my gaze to Him

He came to make that small cradle stable place His throne

I am now never poor

or small

or forgotten

and yet there are worries that plague me

that I am not enough

and I am not with Him

keeping that gaze shows me that grace is real

I surrender my emptiness to Him to fill

like empty water pots fill me with Your wine

I am our home

Thank you for the eucatastrope

Your barreling down on my heart

storming in like thunder

The coming King after His beloved that was stole

conquering evil with Your Righteous SON

sent to the cross to pay my ransom





One Comment Add yours

  1. hisfirefly says:

    “storming in”
    and my spirit echos “amen. come Lord Jesus”

    beautiful post


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