Advent …come to the king

I will go in to see the king.

Esther 4:16

She walks in because even though it is comfortable there in the palace

inside the gate secure and at ease

she was not as safe and neither were her family

The bad man wanted them all dead

and she was born for such a time as this

God gives us gifts and position not to set in a comfortable place

proud with what we have received inside the gate

but rather sets us in such places with such things to touch those around us for Him

those who are outside the gate

we have what another lacks …..GIVE

He gave His life so that we might live

ADVENT – the dying so that in dying life may live abundantly

Ann asks and will you join in answering

What specific gifts has God given you?

As you look at those “outside the gate”  who do you feel especially drawn to help?

How might you use some of your gifts to help others -for such a time as this?


special gifts

things giving to me

a way with words

writing out






those outside the gate

in need of a little encouragement

they can do it

Christ is their HOPE

He is here




….would you but ask?

I see what they have that maybe they cant yet see

let me share to awaken that sight

and I love the surprise face

of understanding what is in themselves

just yielding to Him

when He calls to come join Him

in serving and loving

equipping the saints



Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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