Advent … Adore Him

How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions?

If the Lord is God, follow Him!

1 Kings 18:21


we all have them if we are not intentional

as Ann says if we do not s..l..o..w

if we do not still

if we do not wait

we will strive and perform for the idol

Our hearts know what they are

we may not have called it “ IDOL” yet

but we know deep in if we are dancing to the tune of another

if we are running hard to please

if we are cutting self down for affection, perfection

if we are kneeling before Facebook attention

or Pinterest comparison

striving …bleeding for love

Only ONE has bleed for you and He says COME and REST

He let His blood run so you could stop running – Ann Voskamp

ADVENT – the gift has come – O Come let us adore Him

Its Sunday and we light the 3 candle


Ann asks and will you join in answering

What emotions are evoked in you when you realize that God doesn’t expect you to perform for Him – that He has already given you everything?

What sets God apart from every Ball, from every false God?

Set aside some time in the nave, in the sanctuary of you own heart, to come and adore Him


I feel great thankfulness and joy

I feel relief and peace

His great love is complete for me

and I don’t have to work for it

I simply can come and rest

sit with Him as Mary did at His feet

listening to His heart beat for me

knowing I am fully loved and totally accepted

I am FULL for He is mine

He did it all for me

I don’t have run and toil

work and drive

perform or dance

to make Him love me

He simply does

No other has come to bleed and die

so I could sit and be with Him

I cast down all that exalt and haunt for attention

turning my eyes and ears

turning my heart and soul

turning my mind and will

and bowing down before His throne


O come let us adore HIM
O come let us adore HIM

O come let us adore HIM




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