End of March Blessings


linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes

130.  Two shots that made me smile of my children:

Her soft and gentle nature ….


His ALL BOY-ness …


131. Finding GRACE beaming out at me from the crowded world:

1332618442629 (2)

132. Finding a memory and a reminder of just how happy we are TOGETHER:


133.  Spending time with SISTER and MOM

134. Taking a trip seeing things I never seen before

135. texting my man

136. The joy of a daughter

137. The “ I love you “ from a little man

138. The defense of the Lord

139. The rest that comes when you are HOME


2 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Yes …I love coming home!! :0)


  2. Love these….the cross picture, your adorable kids, and especially the last one. Sometimes we just need to STAY HOME! That is hard to do, isn’t it?


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