End of March Blessings

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes 130.  Two shots that made me smile of my children: Her soft and gentle nature …. His ALL BOY-ness … 131. Finding GRACE beaming out at me from the crowded world: 132. Finding a memory and a reminder of just how happy we are TOGETHER: 133.  Spending time with... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

2/3/2012   1. Something that made me smile: (source)   2. Picture of the week: Me! I usually take serious pictures but my daughter said SMILE…and she likes it. SO here it is.   3.  A SONG:   4. MY FAVORITE  WFW : http://livingoutsidethestacks.com/2012/02/what-would-you-exchange-for-your-soul-word-filled-wednesday/ I LOVE THE VISUAL!!!!! Linking with:   5.  Something I like... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

11/04/2011 Linking with:   1. A song:   2. PhotoQuote:   3. A quote: Giving thanks to God is what ushers one into the very presence of God. And this is why He asks us to always give thanks. He comes to those with the open, grateful hands. - Voskamp (source) Linking with:   4. ... Continue Reading →

Heart and Happiness

It is Heart month and in one of my favorite magazines called Whole Living this month they published The Happiness Issue. It is also the most LOVE DAY of the year - Valentine's Day!! Now let's get to the good stuff.... The HEART ....This organ in the middle of my chest pumps life through my body... Continue Reading →

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