a letter of love

We attended the Art of Marriage hosted at our church. I was surprised when he agreed that we could go. He is so busy working 14 hour days doing tree service that I am use to him coveting his time off and not applying it to something like a 2 day retreat. The sessions where... Continue Reading →

Does it bite?

This is a Photo Blog series with some words… My Husband -The Tree Man- brought home a little slithering bull snake for the kids to see. He tells them about how the skin breaths I am thinking this is good science right in the yard And how it uses its tongue to taste the air... Continue Reading →


Starting a new series as the post come… A Photo Blog with a few words… Husband ( The Tree Man) brought a weird bug..he does that here and there for show and tell with the kids and of course to freak me out that such things exists in my “ I HATE BUGS !!” world.... Continue Reading →

End of March Blessings

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes 130.  Two shots that made me smile of my children: Her soft and gentle nature …. His ALL BOY-ness … 131. Finding GRACE beaming out at me from the crowded world: 132. Finding a memory and a reminder of just how happy we are TOGETHER: 133.  Spending time with... Continue Reading →

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