Friday Facts


Copy of NEWPICS 362-5


1. Starting off with a song:

2.  A Quote:

Fear and worry are calls to pray because prayer screams louder than any voice!! Speak loudly that way and the world moves when you whisper!! ~ F of L

Friendships of Love has a facebook page:!/pages/Friendships-of-Love/134694723216979

3. The weather has been HOT HOT HOT!!!

Thank you Lord for a cold front 35 degrees cooler starting  on Thursday

4.  School is out

the routine has changed..throwing me off my game a little …I will work it out!!

5. Last week I said we were going to my sisters to visit my mom and the rest of the gang a picture is in order…right?


6. My husband was asked to lead the worship team bible study for the next couple weeks.

He said yes. He was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect. He is doing a really great job, I am so proud of him. In a group like this he would tend to be a quiet person. He doesn’t share this side of himself too often.

I am loving every minute of it.  :0)

7. They built a new splash pad in my neighborhood!!

So excited for that one to be turned on!! The kids are gonna love it.

8. Did you check out this post :

It is called Band-aids to cover the wound.

9. Found a Doodle I like!



10.  Ever heard of the D-I-S-C personality types

Very interesting stuff and so helpful in understanding people.

D-Types : 


(Direct, Driver, Demanding, Determined, Decisive, Doer)

Independent, persistent, direct.

Energetic, busy, fearless.

Focus on own goals rather than people.

Tell rather than ask.

Ask ‘What?’




(Inducement, Inspiring, Impressive, Interacting, Interesting)

Social, persuasive, friendly.

Energetic, busy, optimistic, distractible.

Imaginative, focus on the new and future.

Poor time managers. Focused on people than tasks.

Tell rather than ask.

Ask ‘Who?’


S – Types:


(Submissive, Stable, Supportive, Shy, Status quo, Specialist)

Consistent, like stability.

Accommodating, peace-seeking.

Like helping and supporting others. Good listeners and counselors.

Close relationships with few friends.

Ask, rather than tell.

Ask ‘How?’ and ‘When?’




(Cautious, Compliant, Correct, Calculating, Concerned, Careful, Contemplative)

Slow and critical thinker, perfectionist.

Logical, fact-based, organized, follows rules.

Don’t show feelings. Private. Few, but good friends.

Big-picture, outlines.

Ask ‘Why?’ and ‘How?


STARLA – can you guess which I am ??

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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