Advent…God with us

She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means “God with us.”Matt. 1:23 He came small and fragile just how we are all of our days to love us and meet us where we are to be with us…. what amazing little words ADVENT -God with us! Ann asks... Continue Reading →

World out of whack

I am really not that hard to please, child. -God - Let’s Talk -Cynthia Bezek I was reading this post and these words…… These words touch me deep How often do I take moments, just ordinary daily moments and churn them into nothing good because I choose to be hard to please? And going deeper….... Continue Reading →

Photoquote #70

Sometimes our hearts are heavy and burdens with a load, But we step out with our seed of faith and begin to sow We remember His blessings in times past. We grab hold of scriptures and we stand fast. We search for fertile ground to plant in and we do the work within. Pulling up... Continue Reading →


Shanda over at A Pause on the Path asks on Tuesday what is on your heart ? Today I am thinking about Chickens… YES CHICKENS! Are you a chicken? I am two different kinds of  chickens at times. ONE is the chicken who’s feathers are ruffled and I spaz out… I cant think when I... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

6/10/2011 1. Starting off with a song: 2.  A Quote: Fear and worry are calls to pray because prayer screams louder than any voice!! Speak loudly that way and the world moves when you whisper!! ~ F of L Friendships of Love has a facebook page:!/pages/Friendships-of-Love/134694723216979 3. The weather has been HOT HOT... Continue Reading →

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