A testimony – the beginning of many twists and turns.

Friday Facts will be back next week….

THIS FRIDAY I WANT TO TELL YOU A STORY!!!  Some more Starla History:0)

2008 was a wild year at my house.

In  early 2007 I got pregnant. I wasnt particularly excited about it either.  I had spent the last prior 9 years convincing myself that my daughter was plenty. That I was satisfied and content. I had her c-section style :0/ –that is not easy, and doing that again wasn’t something I wanted to look  forward to.  When I found out I was pregnant I had a swirl of emotions and thoughts. I was accustom to my freedom. My daughter was 9 years old. She could feed, bathe, dress and entertain herself. Why would I want to strap myself down again??? ( maybe that is shallow — but that was how I was feeling.)

When I had finally came to terms with these new changes — heartache happened! Going into the 4th month I miscarried. I remember that I experienced deep, gut aching sadness. The heart wrenching sensations that shot through my chest. I was experiencing the feelings that come with loss, death, and departure. I remember also having  feelings of guilt. My thoughts clue-ing me in that ** I didn’t want this child in the first place. **

I was overwhelmed with sadness and grief and guilt.

BUT GOD…..(He truly is the BEST!) After processing all these feelings, I realized that God had given me the greatest gift through a miscarriage…..

I giant HEART of LOVE for a Child that would complete our little trio and turn us into a quartet!!

David was born on March 3rd 2008. He came a month early!!!! My water broke  and I was standing there with my mouth hanging open and a bit embarrased….like I was peeing on the floor:0)

My scheduled C-section turned into an emergency C – section. Everything moved very quickly and he was born with no complications …yet!! but I will get to that…he was 4 lbs 13 oz of super cuteness!!!

1 week after he was born…. and 3 days of Home sweet Home…I developed an infection. That was a trip to the hospital that I never want to go through again. We were crammed into a little 6×6 room. There was crying and sadness and a need for normal and comfort. I experienced NEEDLES and IV’s and ANTIBIOTIC ACID flowing through my veins. I had to quit breast feeding…and I missed out on that experience. Every time I spiked a fever it bought me another 24 hours in there.

BUT GOD…(of course, for who else is sooo good) God sent an angel nurse to our little 6×6 room. Her words were clear and pleasant as she said ” would you like to move to another room?”  then she smiled and said “scratch that, we are moving you to another room!” a sweet God send,  I can still see her BIG CHEERFUL SMILE.  She moved us to a suite!!! A spacious room with a wooden rocker, a couch, a table…she brought us formula and diapers. She was a BLESSING!!! My husband Dave sat down in that rocker next to my bed with our little mister in his arms and he looks down and guess what he sees???  Carved in the wood of this wooden rocking chair arm was the name DAVID. That is when we realized how God takes care of all the littlest details.

 I was in the hospital a little over a week.When we finally got home ….life was Good!!!

Then on JUNE 13th 2008 the FLOOD hit……mucky black sewage water 3 ft into the first floor of our home destroying many of our things.  We lived with my sister for 4 months. Then we lived upstairs on the second floor for 4 month, cooking in a make shift kitchen, doing dishes in my bathtub….

BUT GOD… (He did so many wonderful things that year and after. )

Since then I must say my kitchen IS AMAZING!! We are still working on our house. As a matter of fact, we have people working on the garage and there is painting going on this week.

I still don’t have a bedroom of my own. My son is now 3 years old.(and NOOOOOO BEDROOM OF OUR OWN!! …you get my drift!!)  lol :0) but thing are good and we are blessed.

GOD IS GOOD!!! He can be trusted and will bring you through with a greater love, an understanding of His slightest care, and his ability to bless His people. It isn’t always easy to go through the twists and turns but the brightness of His light when you are on the other side is something you never want to miss!!!!

And that’s our story :0)

Have a great FRIDAY!!!


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