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Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus… I use to think that this verse meant that once I became a Christian I would no longer feel guilt. That just isn’t true.  I have quoted it when the enemy wrongfully accuse me. What about when he rightfully accuses… Continue reading Get the fix

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Stained-Glass People

Do you remember when you thought you were pretending, hiding your nature pretty well, I can  …but we weren’t !! People could see right through us. Our lives speaking volumes about us. It is as if we were living in glass houses. Our lives can be pretty messy with anger, hatred, pain, guilt, shame and… Continue reading Stained-Glass People

Friday Facts

Friday’s Facts

03/11/2011 FRIDAY FACTS IS BACK!!! Did you miss me??? 1. Found a new blog and site that I really enjoy, it is called I added a button on my BUTTON ROLL for it....check it out!! She makes awesome PhotoverseQuotes. 2. Another one I really like my BFF Tina found. They are really cool, inspirational… Continue reading Friday’s Facts

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A testimony – the beginning of many twists and turns.

Friday Facts will be back next week.... THIS FRIDAY I WANT TO TELL YOU A STORY!!!  Some more Starla History:0) 2008 was a wild year at my house. In  early 2007 I got pregnant. I wasnt particularly excited about it either.  I had spent the last prior 9 years convincing myself that my daughter was plenty.… Continue reading A testimony – the beginning of many twists and turns.