10 people who helped me in my life

So I was surfing the net and found this site that said to list the 10 people who helped you the most…

I thought what a GREAT idea for the THANKSGIVING SEASON!!

So here I go:

1. My parents ( I know that is 2…but really it is 3 ) They choose to bring me into this world…and well that is really important. :0) Let me explain that 3 part… My mom and dad split before I was born…so they gave me life…but it was my Mom and my Dad who raised me…my Dad who I know as my Dad…was definately a big factor in this next equation. …these two people who are the FIRST family people gave me all the hope they were given and created all the hurdles for me to overcome in this life..without those things that happened and affected me in my early life I would not be where and who I am today.

2.  My Grammy and Poppy – ( again 2– really 2 this time ..lol) These two are the most artistic and creative people I know. Without their pushing and encouraging to try new things…to not worry about if I made a mistake or not…I would not be as creative as I am or can be. Here are two quotes from them :

If you have an imperfection work with it. – Grammy

Do you like it or not? Then that is all that matters! – Poppy

3. My Godfather Richard – He was a very musical  and unique artist. He always asked me to sing with him as a teen…when I felt awkward or anxious about how it sounded …he would smile and say ” COOL…very cool!”  I always felt like a star in his presence. He helped me grow in the confidence that I could really GO FOR IT if I wanted to sing it. I loved him for that!!!

4. Andrea Rodriquez – She was in my choir class in high school. She gave me my first bible. She witnessed to me. She planted seed in me. I am so thankful for her life. She pointed my soul toward the path of the Lord. To the true bread and water I was looking for….

5. Donna Teuscher – She is the mother of a guy I was dating for two years in my junior and senior year. She took me to church. Her Mother gave me my first engraved King James Bible. (It was PINK!!… I loved it!! ) BUT the thing that Donna did that helped me ….SHE LOVED ME!!!!

6. Robert Martin – This is a guy I dated after high school. I was in the middle of an after highschool “I am gonna go crazy” time. I broke this guys heart and tried to get him to take me back as if I did nothing. He refused…but the thing that he did that helped me the most was show me his hurt. He didn’t show anger…he showed pain. Through that moment of realness and vulnerability I chose to never to commit that kind of pain on another person ever again.

7. Joy Olsen – My sister…when I was 19 she moved from California to Iowa for a change of pace and life. She became pregnant and she called me to come out to visit her. A couple of weeks after I arrived we were walking through the park together and I saw this guy that was really nice on the eyes if you know what I mean. I told her that I thought he was cute. She walked up to him and said ” Hi, this is my sister Starla,  she is from California and doesn’t know anyone here, would you like to show her around.”  She introduced me to MY FUTURE HUSBAND. Thanks Joy!! :0) Something else Joy helped me with…not dwelling to long in the muck and mire of emotional life. Get up and dance, laugh, play, smile….lift yourself up. Be a nerd!! Its ok. She is one person who no matter what is going on in my life. It isn’t so serious that we can’t have a good laugh!! :0) It’s NEVER the end of the world!!! It’s just today…..

8. Dave Smith – My Husband…This man was the most difficult man I ever met in my life. He was a challenge and I loved a GOOD challenge…lol. He was well grounded in common sense and responsible. He had a good head on his shoulders and a heart of gold under a thick coat of armor. He was immune to the powers of My Manipulations and became the #1 person the Lord used to teach me how to stand on my own two feet and be a productive human being. Before him…lets say…I was …well ..Spoiled….toooo spoiled. I still think a little spoiling isn’t a bad thing. :0) for a loving wife that is… hehehe lol.

9. Sarah Smith – My daughter…This girl has taught me how to love, be a mom, be a friend, be protective, be resilient, be persistent, how to listen,  how to let someone else do it for themselves and so much more.  It is because I wanted to be a good mother to her that I started to really seek and search out this God I now love so much. The reason I picked up that bible that Andrea gave me and started to read it more often and I got that book on the TV that took me down the Romans road and led me straight into the arms of Christ.

(a little insert here: David Smith my son….he is helping me with consistency and patience…lol –he is 2 and doing a great job)

10. Tina Smith – My sister-in-law and BFF…This girl has helped me in more ways than I can ever say. To stand up for myself. To be who I am. To feel what I feel. To think what I think. To be real and unmoving about who I am, but never to be mean or rude just because I can.  Lifts me when I am down…makes me think of solutions when I want to just drowned in pity. Makes me talk when I want to be isolated and silent. Calls me out when I am full of BULL….and is gentle with me when I am weak. Patient with me when I am stubborn and blind. Gives me a kick in the rear when I need it. She is a great friend. She is   a wonderful  -E_N_C_O_U_R_A_G_E_R!!! 



Reflect on your own set of 10 who helped you in this life…ponder those lessons…they are good food for thought of thankfullness!!


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  1. starla says:

    Oh wow Donna thank you so much. You touched me deeply then and still do. Love you too!!!


  2. Donna Teuscher says:

    Starla, you are absolutely amazing!! What a beautiful young woman, mother and sister in Christ, you have turned out to be. It has been my privilege to be considered your friend. You were definitely a special light in my life and still are today with your love for Christ!! You inspire me when I am down, with your quotes and spiritual comments, and you remind me what love really is and for that I thank you very much. I tend to forget this sometimes when life gets the best of me. You are a GIFT from God to all those who know you….love you honey!!


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