10 most memorable places

Remembering Places I have been that were the most memorable for me….I like things to be in chronological order but that would be a lot of thinking ….so I will just put them in order of what comes to mind

1. Train ride to California – My family took a trip to visit family in California. My husband doesn’t like to fly, and driving can get a little crammed (we had made that trip a few times that way from Iowa) so we tried something new. We took the train!! I liked to see all the off the beaten path places along the way….but the thing that made it so memorable was Ronnie Liotti. She caught my attention. She had a magnetism about her. So I said hello. We struck up a conversation and she proceeded to tell me about her people. She was a Jew who KNEW the MESSIAH – as she put it. Her heart ached for the people of Israel to accept Christ. Everyone she spoke to heard about Christ. Not in a “pushy you’re gonna hear it way”. She introduced herself as Ronnie Liotti – a Jew who knew the Messiah has come…and then she smiled. She radiated LIGHT. I will never forget her. We exchanged emails and keep in touch. I was thinking of her one day recently and in my email box was email. I sent back that I was just thinking of her the other day. She wrote back – every time I see a train, I think of you! ;0) so sweet!! A memorable heart found on a train ride.

2. Tina’s 35th Birthday Party – I had heard for a few years that birthdays were just another day. I had heard that she never really had a REAL PARTY….cake, balloons, lavished upon with gifts. So a few years ago I set out to turn this birthday ( My Bff’s – 35th birthday) into a 3 day event. The pure joy and excitement on her face, the wonder, the wide eyes of a child awakened from within, the games, the food, the photos ….that was a MOST MEMORABLE WEEKEND!!! :0)

3. Chicago Birthday Trip with My Sister – We stayed at a beautiful hotel in downtown Chicago…and went all over together. The best part – The FUN HOUSE mirrors at the Pier. We laughed and laughed and LAUGHED!!! Saw a stained glass exhibit. Had great food….and a WONDERFUL TIME with my sister!!

One of the stained glass we saw ...beautiful!

4. Muir Woods – One of the visits to California, my Grammy took My Family to see the Giant RED WOOD SEQUOIA TREES. My husband is a tree service crew leader….so to see these trees was a HUGE DELIGHT. It was a great outing. What a day!!

These trees are SUPER TALL!!!

5. Eureka and Arcadia, Ca – When I was a girl, my Grammy would take us girls (My Sister and I and my two cousins Jennifer and Lydia) on a trip for her Birthday. She would give us paper money ( monopoly or hand-made) and if we found something we really wanted on the trip we could go to Grammy and turn in the paper money and she would pay for what we choose. This particular trip we went to Eureka and Arcadia, Ca. on the northern coast of California.

The Carson House in Eureka, Ca

6. Grammy and Poppy’s Yard – Poppy was an architect and loved to landscape too. They made theirs a beautiful yard. There place on Old Canyon Rd. is the best most relaxing and enjoyable place to be. I love that place.

This is a photo of the mosaic in their back yard - My Poppy's Tree

 7.  My Green Room – Before my son was born I had my own room. Not to sleep in …but to BE IN. I had a wonderful dark but soft warming green color and burgundy curtains and allllll my favorite things. One day I will have a room like that again….oh yeah!

8. Trinity, Ca – I went there with a guy I was dating to visit his family. We drove up the mountain and then down into this valley. When I got out of the car I had never smelt air that clean…evergreen clean. It was so beautiful. There was a river running through the little tiny town in the mountains….crystal clear water. BEAUTIFUL!!

9.  Camp David – It is a smoke house. SOOO YUMMY. We went there two years in a row for our Birthday Trip. It sits right on the edge of the Bluff overlooking the river. Loved it!

10.  Grammy Birthday Trip with second generation – We took a car trip for 4 days on the scenic highway in eastern Iowa. My and My Grammy, my two kids Sarah and David and my two nieces Shannon and Melinda. We saw many sites….and places. The fact that I was doing what My Grammy did with me, with my kids was MAGICAL!!

So there is my list of 10 places that were most memorable!

Reflect today on those places and people closes to you that make up you memorable moments!! ….and for just a minute…savor the moments in mind. :0)

Have a great day!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    We do need one!!! I had a great time…laughing. :0)


  2. Joy says:

    We really need a funny mirror!! I remember that day! It was sooooo funny! Mom and I did the same thing at the haunted house this year. We were staring at ourselves laughing until we cried. The funny thing is the kids that were with us loom at themselves briefly and moves on. Mom and I couldn’t get enough of it. Kind of like us in Chicago!!


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