I been pondering this TAX issue up on Capital Hill DC…

Democrats say they want to KEEP the tax cuts for those making less than 250,000 dollars – ok great!

But they want to get rid of the tax cuts for those making more than that…WHY????

THEY SAY: Those people have enough money to live on they can afford to pay it. ( translation – the government WANTS the money)

Republicans say they want ALL the tax cuts to stay in place –makes sense to me… WHY???

It makes sense to me that these tax cuts should stay in place because if you get rid of them for those making more than 250,000 then what will those people do ??

A LOT of those people are BUSINESS owners… If you take away those cuts they have LESS money to put back into the business putting people to work and ….keeping cost down ..

People with money want to keep there money!! Keep their state of current livelihood. (wouldnt you??)

If the government takes more because it is greedy and LIVES off the backs of Americans —they will be forced to RAISE PRICES.

Did you know that they want the tax for these wealthy people to be 39.5 %

and is anyone thinking of state and medicare and unemployment cost…insurance cost…NOOOOOO!!!!

So if you add it all up — IT RAISES THEIR COST/taxes – BUSINESS OWNERS out of pocket – over 50% of the GROSS INCOME… OVER 50% !!!!

(How would you like to have someone TAKING over 50% of your money… giving your wealth away is one thing because YOU CHOOSE IT …being robbed is another….robbed by people who just “make up” what the percentage is going to be –grrrrr!)

I dont make anywhere close to 250,000 but I can tell you that if someone wanted to take what I didnt want to give –I WOULD CALL IT STEALING!

If because of this…

Now food goes UP
and gas goes UP
and everything goes UP

Because GOVERNMENT wants the money to fund their PET projects …..
(we need LESS government cash cows sucking money from private life, and MORE support for the private sector — get off their BACKS!!)


Those who make less than 250,000 dollars a year.

The rich dont really worry about eating and getting stuff they can AFFORD IT…..but if the GOVERNMENT takes away their cake…and they try to make up the difference…

WE GET TO EAT IT in the POCKET …LITERALLY!! (as my dad say: Crap rolls down hill!)

and that people is STARLAONOMICS! :0)


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  1. 泳鏡 says:

    Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends. Thanks.


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