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If you want me to…

Today I am thinking about these posts over the last few weeks on here. Like CHICKEN … I wrote it because I am finding myself playing chicken games. Either my feathers are getting ruffled over the littlest things or I am chicken to deal with reality the way that it is and I really just… Continue reading If you want me to…

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For Goodness sake- testimony share

How many of you know that learning is a process…??? None of us are perfect or do it all perfect. We gotta walk through it. At times the lessons we are learning, going through it can be MESSY. Sometimes we get messed up and need a redirecting… That is what happened to me when I… Continue reading For Goodness sake- testimony share

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Friday Facts!!

02/25/2011 It's Friday Facts ...woot!! 1.  Potty training a  "determined to be independent and do it myself child" makes for lots of wiping up of floor and toilet and wall. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :0/ 2. My church has officially changed its name. YEAH sooooooooo exciting!! We are now called:   3.  A poem A crystal in the… Continue reading Friday Facts!!

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A story to His Story

His eyes were dark and hazy, full of anger and hatred. I could see clear through him. Why did they all think that he was such a kind person? I never did understand why he was able to dupe this entire town. Life here in Waverly has always been about community, helping each other, being… Continue reading A story to His Story

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10 people who helped me in my life

So I was surfing the net and found this site that said to list the 10 people who helped you the most... I thought what a GREAT idea for the THANKSGIVING SEASON!! So here I go: 1. My parents ( I know that is 2...but really it is 3 ) They choose to bring me into this… Continue reading 10 people who helped me in my life