For Goodness sake- testimony share

How many of you know that learning is a process…???

None of us are perfect or do it all perfect. We gotta walk through it.

At times the lessons we are learning, going through it can be MESSY.

Sometimes we get messed up and need a redirecting…

That is what happened to me when I went to the last Rise and Shine Retreat 2010. I didn’t know it then but in the following months, some things that happened at R & S began to shine through and cause me to Rise.

I was asked to share a testimony with the Ladies of R & S ( so exciting) It was posted yesterday ( Tuesday June 7th)

Rise and Shine will be sharing a new testimony the first Tuesday of each month leading up to the next retreat.

Now that’s  a way to get PUMPED!!!

Check it out -click here:


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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