In a dream…


Ever have a dream that turned out to have some serious meaning in your life…I did!!

This past week I had a dream and in my dream my BFF told me something PROFOUND…..

Then a situation happened and I GOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE

Want to hear about it ???



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  1. V says:

    Let me tell you about my dreams
    A while ago I had for about 3 nights in a row dreams about death, my death!
    Turns out that MEANS – A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.
    Why is that significant? Because I was considering telling my new friend that I don’t think i can do this friendship thing (yes yes i ran away with my tail between my legs) and she told me that she’s NEVER going anywhere!!!! so the change was from being alone to having a proper friend.
    I also dreamt of puppies which also means something stable.
    So it just seemed God was telling ME hey DON’T f this up now ok (well he didn’t say it like that but you know what I mean LOL)
    Dreams do have meanings. Mum always said it, I never believed her and look who’s laughing now – MAMA lol!!


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