In the last two weeks or so…I have had three times a type of situation happen to me…

1. Driving down the road heading to the park …I always drive to this park the same way…I had a moment of thought at a stop sign —I SHOULD TURN THIS WAY — I thought to myself  “but I always go this way” I went my usual route….I ran into a  ROAD BLOCK  and had to turn and go around.

2. Again driving to the library and I wanted to make a deposit at the back …again I go to the same drive up and it is on the way…I had a moment of thought at the stop sign—I SHOULD GO TO THE BANK NEAREST TO THE LIBRARY— I thought to myself  “but I am right here I will just stop now” I turned to go to the bank and they parking lot is tore up for constuction and I cant enter into the drive up.

3.  I’m driving home getting ready to turn down my usual route….I have a thought at the stop sign —I SHOULD GO DOWN TO THE NEXT MAIN ROAD — I thought ” oh I will just go this way”  AGAIN …I run into a stopped train.

Each time I got to the road block, parking lot, and train…I said I DID IT AGAIN!!! Grrrrrrr!! (oh man I said I did it again…means I was aware this has happened before….crap!)

Why do we talk ourselves out of listening ???

My knower knows and I am not listening…..THIS OUGHT TO HAVE AN INTERESTING OUTCOME!


3 thoughts on “ROAD BLOCK

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  1. Hey girl! I second guess myself all the time and am working really hard at listening to my angels and just going with it. This is definitely something I need to improve on also. Take care :o)


  2. i always say not listening is the same as “fighting” God. You’re going against his will…
    Went through this LAST week, and was an eye opener


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