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Hello Again…I am still reading in Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright.

Her site:

 I am finding that I am reading this book pretty slow. Which is not normal for me. I like to think I am a pretty fast reader…but this book is requiring more of me than just speed reading….it is requiring –DIGGING :0)

So I am slow turtle going through this one….

I am in Chapter 7 : What do you bring to this Friendship? (In a section of the book called HesitationMakes me think of how many of those lingering fears and hesitations that I have with the physical people in my life transfer over into my relationship with God.)

This chapter opens many elements that I have not ever thought of as things I bring to the friendship I have with God. But one really stuck out to me…

Excerpt:  I bring love, which I am good at, having practiced it since childhood. The kind of devotion I first lavished on pets and playmates is well-developed now for greater challenges….

I personally did not lavish any devotion on pets. My daughter…well lets just say she is “the pet whisperer.” I do however remember being devoted to teaching others how to bring beauty and order into their surroundings.  I was watched by my aunt Janice and there was 9 or 10 of us at a time. I can remember finding it very important to re-organize the garage and cleaning toy closets. It was a must ! lol. I always loved to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom for fresh creativity and peaceful living. Then I went and married a man who thinks the clock needs to stay on the same wall in the same room until the cows jump over the moon. I have learned don’t ask just move the clock!! HAHA!! ;0)

So applying this …this love that I bring which I am good at that I practiced on others …applying this to my relationship with the Lord ….well I am stumped. I think what does He need with that from me….ooh ouch! what a thought.  I’m gonna stop on that thought…let it dangle there…

She goes on to say that women are the bearers of the unwritten down –she links it to the fact that  women have been out of the loop when it came to the writing and compiling of the Scriptures. Men where the ones God used to write the inspired words…(we were not consulted.!!!.)..she goes on to say- but women were on the other side of faith ..the story keepers and the prayers that spring from our intuition. She says : The Divine is well acquainted with our unwritten-down faith. In fact, the Spirit often relies on women to help the rest of humanity learn again to dream and to welcome visions.

Ok so back to my dangling thought….I like to help people find what makes them feel good…If it’s blue paint you need …PAINT IT. If  your stuck thinking some things just don’t go together and because of that you don’t put them in the same room but you love them….JUST DO IT!!  Some things just don’t fit at all and they make you angry/sad  every time you see it …GET RID OF IT!  How does that translate into my relationship with God??….thinking….MY HEART.

If I can see what it is that is holding me back…a bad attitude ( ugly wall paper) I can just rip it down and get rid of it. It isn’t hard for me to change that if I CAN SEE IT!!! When I think of my heart as a ROOM… I will be constantly rearranging it.  Removing items I don’t want. Adding new things I really enjoy. Gathering together pieces I love. Organizing my thoughts. Cleaning out my closets …sins and issues.

He needs that from me ….because I have to do the work for Him to have a clean vessel to use…if I don’t do it ….I can’t reap the rewards….PEACEFUL and CREATIVE living.

You can not leave your room left to itself…didn’t your mother ever find something growing under your bed from a plate you never picked up…YUCK!

Or like a bag of potatoes on the back table in the kitchen ….if left alone slowly you get ROTTING….GOOEY STUFF …and STINK!!!

Don’t Leave your heart alone…WORK WITH IT!

What did you practice???

That’s it for this week

Have a good Thursday!

Next Thurs. Thoughts for this book:


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  1. starla says:

    He certainly has a way of getting us to MOVE! :0)


  2. V says:

    i find too that sometimes God will force a decision on me when He wants me to rearrange my life…
    I don’t know if force is an appropriate word because it’s more like the same negative thing happens, and although i keep hope things will get better and dont, I keep fighting God to stay in the same destructive circle so ja… at some point you can’t fight him anymore and the lightbulbs will go off and you’ll realise O


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