Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something. – Randy Pausch – – thanks!

Brick walls??? Oh, we have those don’t we? Sometime we pretend that we don’t, but too often we do! A brick wall keeps something out….its gaurding something for safe keeping. What are we guarding – OUR HEARTS! I had brick walls…still do I’m sure… when I realize that one is there I sit down next to it. I examine its construction… finding what it is made of…why I erected it in the first place…and what part of my heart is it suppose to be sheilding….what do I want ..what do I need?

God planted a beautiful garden full of lush greens and plants, wonderful smelling flowers but if we build a tall brick wall around it – nothing grows well for the wall is shading the garden and the sun can’t reach the plantings. We are the planting of God with His SON shining on us through others who visit our garden hearts. These brick walls we have are holding back what we most desperately want.  We are afraid that to destroy the brick wall means anyone can just walk in and take what ever they want from our garden hearts….but what if like a farmers market…you set up shop in your garden and bid people to come in…and share your garden heart with others. Let others see the pearl of great price within you…let them hear the heart of God through you…and freely give of who you are. Share the wonders of the garden planted within.

We don’t need to hide behind walls out of fear for what another may do to us…if someone hurts you forgive. Whatever your brick wall may be, set down and see what it is sheilding…it may just be that this brick wall has a hidden mural that shows you what you desire most – then take the wall down brick by brick.

A brick of anger…A brick of pain…A brick of sadness…A brick of intolerance….A brick of disappointment….A brick of fear…..remove the bricks and soon you will see …the LIGHT and LOVE you wish to receive.

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  1. Elizabeth says:


    I’ve always been partial to brick pavers in a walkway, or low brick walls edging gardens – just the right height for sitting in the sun. Those bricks are a different thing when compared to walls that block or bricks thrown through windows.


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