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The Lord of the heart

Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord,Like the rivers of water;He turns it wherever He wishes. You are the Lord of the heart! It is in Your hand like a rudder guiding the way turning me where I should go Proverbs 21:2  Every way of a man is right in… Continue reading The Lord of the heart

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Live Ready…. Can I walk through the fire with my shattered and shard heart unchanged? Can I walk among the saints of God and feel the heat they glow, that God fire within and be unmoved? Can I do this and not be transformed? The answer is NO! If no change, then no fire has… Continue reading LIVE LIFE

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A lamenting reveal

Yesterdays post… that Lament/Rant…. my unveiling of heart… It is His goodness that leads me to repentance! This I prayed at the end of my so called lament: Me, I think I just cracked my eyes to some new light! God, my God reveal yourself in this situation. Come and display Your glory and sovereignty… Continue reading A lamenting reveal

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Not broken…

Its interesting how when you state a truth for yourself that the tester of truth comes to test I recently got an Ah ha moment I am no longer broken I am healed in the name of Jesus I will no longer live life from my broken places but from my healed risen life in… Continue reading Not broken…

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On my Heart

On my heart today… My friend going through Breast Cancer. The first step is over. 3 weeks ago she had her surgery and all went well. 2weeks ago she attended church with me and asked the Lord to be her Savior. HIP HIP HOORAY…rejoicing with the Angels!!! My daughter made her a bracelet to remind… Continue reading On my Heart