Rom 12:9 Let love be without dissimulation…

I read this sentence this morning .

DISSIMULATION              (pause, think……..)

the definition is – to hide under a false appearance. Is is from the word Anypokritos meaning unfeigned. Unfeigned is not hypocritical. See now feign means : to give a false appearance of : induce as a false impression : to assert as if true.

This is pretend love we are talking about …a word that is a synonym of feign is ASSUME 

Two definitions stood out to me under the word ASSUME :

it is to pretend to have or be = feign  or  to take as true = suppose.

So back to the original text : LET LOVE BE W-I-T-H-O-U-T DISSIMULATION …this dissimulation is to act like you love but in heart you do not. It is pretending. It is putting out the show of love but no love is the truth behind your actions.

Sometimes I think we have to pretend to love in order to find love…reap what you sow…show forth love, act loving and your heart will is called training ourself in the way we should go. It’s like when you ask your child to share and they really don’t want to share but you encourage them to share anyway. They do it…they don’t like it…but after they do that enough times, they see that by sharing they have offered something to someone else and brought a smile to their face…and that feels good…so they do it again on their own. TRAINING!

The HOPE of this verse is that we LET love BE without dissimulation. That we won’t use the smile of love for favor… but that we will just smile! :0) Go ahead and try it…smile at someone…if someone looks at you don’t avert your eyes from them…SMILE.. say HELLO! Oh and not that cheesy tight-lipped cabbage patch smile we give out of courtesy these days…that is feigned for sure…but a smile, the kind that uses all those wrinkles in your face :0)

I found it interesting that ASSUME was a chain linked into this word. We assume all the time..don’t we?? One use of this word  is pretending to be …and another is to take something as true. I want to talk about the take as true part – WE THINK THAT WHAT WE THINK IS TRUE – allllllllll the time!! We assume that we know what people are going to do and say and think and act…and we change our behavior based on that…NOTHING…our thoughts that we think are true and there is NO PROOF that they are…none! We assume that people do things like we do…and then get upset when they dont.

Dont assume – ask questions!!

LET love BE without – flashy masks and showy words with no heart while living in a world of what we think and we are right cause we know! SMILE and BE LOVE!

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  1. crazinessinc says:

    One of my favorite things to do, is walk through a store and see how many people smile back when I smile at them. I don’t do the “cabbage patch” smile, it’s genuine. You never know, you may be the one person God put in their path that needed real love, even in the form of a kind smile from a stranger. Our goal should be to be a true mirror of God, showing real love even when the person on the receiving end may not seem to a mortal eye to be deserving. Great post Starla!! LOVED IT…genuinely 😉


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