“…the absence of mental noise, which often spills out through people’s mouths as chatter.” – Gina Lake

Going on the lighter side …TRAVELLING in the car for me is difficult. Not because I don’t enjoy the sites…but because my husband enjoys SILENCE while driving. This past week I have been on 3 long rides in the car with my husband. He sits back adjusts his seat to a comfortable place and in blissful silence – DRIVES.

I on the other hand am a living breathing…never ending (as he says) commentary on every little “WHO GIVES A CRAP” thing along the side of the road – complete with hand gestures, distracting pointing and voice fluctuation of excitement.

Now on the first trip, for which I was very excited – we were headed to my sisters new home that I had never been to, and my mother had just moved to my sisters state and this would be the first time in many years that all three of us would be together on Christmas in a very long time. So…I am happy and cheerful chattering away about every interesting thing I see….and with every tinge of my voice I get a forced reply and a sigh from my husband. I am thinking that I am annoying him and he is upset and grumpy…so I asked him…he said NO..i am fine..i just don’t need your blabbing about every little thing. Now don’t get him wrong..remember to him enjoying the drive is about kicking back and going! So i said you know what, I am going to respect your way of travelling and I will remember to bring my bag (notebook, pencil, magazine, ect.) with me in the front seat and not take you too personally. I did bring the bag but I didn’t use it…I CHATTERED!!

I drove him nuts most the way home… and then he says ” I thought you said you were going to bring a bag?” I DID!!…I just want to talk to you….hmmmmmmmm this travelling thing doesn’t go well…i want to enjoy conversation, share the view, I want to know what he is thinking.

God certainly has a way of training us through experience…..I AM BEING EXCERSIZED!!!

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  1. crazinessinc says:

    You, a chatterbox?! UNHEARD OF!! LOL… Loved it and what a good example of being exercised, that would drive me NUTS! I gotta have noise!!


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