A change in plans

Summer always brings a TUMBLE…. The schedule for school stops. The routines that where in place – END! Things change…. and the adjustment is a bit of a struggle. (I guess I don’t like change that much!! ) Trying to get to the gym the last couple weeks has been a struggle…I made it but... Continue Reading →

A view of me and maybe you?

Do you worry about how you look to others? How you feel to yourself? ME TOO!! Sometimes it is just annoying and I drive myself NUTS!!! I clicked on a random post of mine called OBSERVATIONS… Interesting to read!! In the last year I have taken a test that my pastor suggested for us at... Continue Reading →

A little more Nitty Gritty.

Ok so I am at it again… some more NITTY GRITTY!! This whole post is making me uneasy. I wrote it and now I am adding this…. Learning to share my own lessons and struggles, hurts, and anger ….my humanness …my vulnerability. Opening up my thinking and feeling and heart here. So with that said... Continue Reading →

The Nitty Gritty Down and Dirty

Thinking about the reality of my life not just the interesting little things I post ( in perfect blog posting land ) the stain-glassed people…. or seem’s hidden ways…. the play on words and what God reveals through them…IPHONE but what about the nitty gritty the down and dirty …( in my world : white... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk! Tuesday

1. Being blind to your own Road Rage is not good...even if your road rage only disrupts kindness on your lips in your own car.  2.  We had a church picnic this past weekend. That was a great time!!! :0)  3.  Thought: Until we are individually serious about GOD ...we will only go through the... Continue Reading →

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