A change in plans



Summer always brings a TUMBLE….

The schedule for school stops.

The routines that where in place – END!

Things change….

and the adjustment is a bit of a struggle.

(I guess I don’t like change that much!! )

Trying to get to the gym the last couple weeks has been a struggle…I made it but it was hard….to leave my house. At least when we got up, got ready and left the house to go drop off for school…I was out…so to the gym I went.

THE TEST is doing it all on my own MOTiVATiON!! whoooooooooooooo!

I feel like I have an abundance of free time…

so I either pack and cram it ….and wear out fast :0/


I leave it so empty that I am not accomplishing anything :0/

so …

I got back on the FLYLADY train ….

Putting in place daily routines

15 mins at a time

and I get lots done and still have fun – and make it to the gym!!


I like that.

Have a great summer…

and if you find you are TUMBLING through it

Try Flylady you may be pleasantly surprised!!


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